We appreciate that this is a large and complex application so please see the below short description provided during our recent public meeting.

Summary of Application

The application is for land regrading works using inert materials, a ‘temporary’ new entrance and five tipping bays.

We are told that sinking has occurred at the site causing rainwater to sit on the surface & soak through the old landfill (permission for which was granted in 1980) creating leachate. The application proposes to solve this by adding inert material on top of the existing tip.

A new vehicle access is proposed just before the brow of the hill opposite the house below Miller & Carter leading to 5 tipping bays.

The application points out that unless the second phase of this development is approved (i.e. to build a holiday park in an adjoining woodland not yet applied for) then the restoration of the tip will not be completed.

The application is missing key details including: There is no analysis of the condition of the existing landfill, no bore-hole testing or report on the condition of the gas control infrastructure;  no facilities for the inspection of lorries or waste; no space for staff parking or welfare facilities.

The lack of information is concerning because for the landfill to go ahead in green belt, the applicant needs to demonstrate very special circumstances, which they claim is the issue of pumping contaminated water (leachate) away from the old tip.

For further information on the reasons the campaign objects to the application please read our objection in full on the page How to Object