Stop Parbold Hill Landfill Update

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To anyone who has been following the Stop Parbold Hill Landfill Campaign over the last seven months, it might seem that we went rather quiet there for a bit. Sorry!

We hold our hands up and while you might not have heard from us for a while, please be assured that we have been fighting harder than ever against a new application that has been submitted.

Thankfully we have made some serious headway. That is why we think now is a good time to update you on the campaign’s progress.


New application?

What do I need to know?

First off, as always, please do go to our WEBSITE where links to the most up to date information can be found, but here are the bullet points:

  • A new amendment to the application for tipping on Parbold Hill was submitted on December 15th.
  • The amount of waste that is being proposed for tipping under the new application has been reduced to 125,000 tonnes.
  • Despite this reduction, we still believe it is wholly unnecessary, the applicant fails to demonstrate ‘special circumstances’ and the work proposed in this application will still desecrate a local beauty spot in the green belt.
  • What’s more not only will the proposal not solve any perceived problems to the existing location, the waste would be tipped on an unstable base causing potentially dangerous land slippage.
  • The new application would still require an estimated 12,000 truck movements, significant road closure and lead to dust and noise pollution – an extra 80 lorry movements a day along Hall Lane!
  • Increased traffic movements along Hall Lane/A5209 from J27 M6.
  • The applicant has revised the planned access for the site making access to visit the Parbold Bottle monument from the layby dangerous and difficult.

But wait… a new application?
Does this mean my objection
does not count anymore? 

This is where we want to first say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has diligently lodged there objections to the initial proposal, which includes over 1,000 private citizens, Rosie Cooper MP, 7 Parish Councils and West Lancs Borough Council.

The anger and backlash to this planned destruction of a site of public interest and beauty have been overwhelming, so thank you to everyone who has objected.

So to the answer the question… yes, your objection to the original application does still stand.

In order to really hammer home your opposition, once you have reviewed the new application it would not hurt to send a short email to devcon@lancashire.gov.uk stating that not only do you renew your original objection to application LCC/2019/0028 but you also object to the new amendment based on specific evidence-based grounds.

This doesn’t mean that the job is done! The application can only be defeated by evidence-supported expert opinions which are provided by specialist consultants.


And you’re in very good company… 

Lancashire County Council Highways have objected to the new proposed access because it is on the brow of the hill and even more dangerous than the previous application!

This response can be read HERE but here are a few key points that we want to highlight which demonstrate how dangerous this proposal could be:

there is a fundamental flaw with the proposed access in that it is located on a
slope with haulage vehicles required to stop on an incline before turning right into the site and also starting on an incline when turning right to the east.”

“The application submission does not address the footway, and I would not be in favour of the introduction of any steps to maintain the footway route.”

“As submitted the applicant has failed to demonstrate a safe and suitable means of access, and the proposals would have a severe safety impact on existing highway users.”

The LCC Highways dept was joined in quick succession last week by West Lancashire District Council which said:

The Council consider that the applicant has not demonstrated that the development will not adversely affect the amenities on the nearest residents on Parbold Hill…

It is not considered that the substantial green belt harm is outweighed by any very special circumstances put forward by the applicant

You might choose to cite either of these authorities’ objections in your email restating your opposition.

ALMOST THERE… we promise!

Is there anything else I can do? 

Glad you asked! 😉

Running a campaign to help save our local and beloved beauty spot is not cheap… we need… drum roll…


And lots of it.

Your objections are valuable and help to show disapproval, however in order to challenge the detail of the application we need evidence to challenge the anomalies in the technical submissions by the applicant.

This has been provided by commissioned reports by professionals in specific fields.

We have commissioned expert advice from Ecologists, Slope Analysts and Hydrologists/Geologists, who have all provided detailed analysis and discussions on the proposals.

These invoices come to circa £8,000.

Two reports are hot off the press, that’s why we’ve been quiet, working with our consultants to gather information/evidence to challenge the application.

These bills are yet to be paid by the end of Feb, that’s why we’d appreciate supporters digging deep in their pockets to help to pay for this vital work.


Lastly, we are here for you.

If you’d like to talk directly to members of our team, either to help or just a chat, please do not hesitate to get in touch through the website or social media.


Help us create awareness and build even more momentum!