Residents blast new tipping proposals at Parbold Hill

Campaigners say despite the developer’s efforts to modify the plan to tip waste at Parbold Hill, the changes do nothing to remove the blight and safety concerns. Residents have raised serious traffic concerns about a new proposed access at the brow of the already congested A5209.  Developers of Parbold Hill Landfill site have made major amendments to their plans to tip inert waste at the renowned beauty spot and now plan to landfill 125,000 tonnes of inert waste with around 10 trucks per hour or 11,700 lorry movements on the busy A5209.


“The landfill already shows signs of slippage and movement. Because the tip is on a slope, piling more waste on the top will create more pressure at the bottom – making it more likely to slip.  A further 125,000 tonnes on top makes it more dangerous for those of us living at the bottom. Remember Aberfan?”  said Penny Walker, a resident of Wood Lane, which is directly below the site.


Campaigners say that the plan remains in conflict with greenbelt policy, since no special circumstances have been proven at the prominent location.


Karen Hunter from Stop Parbold Hill Landfill said, “Landfilling is totally inappropriate in the greenbelt. There is nothing new in the plan that changes that.  It still creates an eyesore.”


Tipping more inert waste at the much-loved beauty spot will not stop water getting into the site, and is unlikely to solve the problem the developer has with toxic liquid waste known as leachate.


The entrance for tipper trucks is now right next to the layby where 5 tipping bays will blight the view of the West Lancashire plain and the Welsh hills.

Karen continued, “The tipping bays will create noise, vibration and blight. The prevailing wind will blow the dust across the layby and restaurant. The tables in the consultant’s risk assessment shows the high risk at the top of the hill, but their conclusions contradict this and appear misleading.” (1)


There is already extreme traffic congestion around junction 27 of the M6.  A further 11,776 vehicle movements will increase the present traffic problem.


“This application makes no attempt to alleviate long term problems at the site.  This is just a quick fix” said Karen.


Residents have until Friday 20 December to object.  The Council has given only 14 days for comments. To object go to  see ‘Latest News’ or email the County Council at quoting planning application LCC/2019/0028 former Parbold Hill Landfill.



The extracts below are taken from tables in the attached Risk Assessment. The conclusions on page 16 of the risk assessment appear incorrect and are belied by the tables below. See the ‘Overall Risk’ column showing medium to HIGH risk for noise, vibration, dust and fugitive emissions and odour at the top of Parbold Hill.


Noise and Vibration pages 11 to 12 Environmental Risk Assessment


Dust and fugitive emission page 13 of 17 Environmental Risk Assessment



Odour pages 9 to 10 Environmental Risk Assessment