Parbold former quarry ecology report

The below species may be effected negatively by the proposed landfill plan.

Notable species include the following:

  • Knotted Pearlwort (Sagina nodosa): the species is red-listed ‘Vulnerable’ in England and is nationally uncommon and uncommon in the region (see BSBI Maps distribution: The discovery of this plant at the former Parbold Quarry is the third post-2000 inland population recorded for the Vice County.
  • Brown Sedge (Carex disticha): this species is scarce in the region of NW England and is noted as a species of principal conservation importance for NW England, cited in the NW Biodiversity Audit (1999).
  • Corn Mint (Mentha arvensis): this species is red-listed ‘Near-threatened’ in England.